I am back sorry for being away so long but…

But I started developing a problem 😦 it’s name is Atopic Dermatitis and pratically this was my case

<< In children of all ages, the itch can be so intense that a child cannot sleep. Scratching can lead to a skin infection.
Because atopic dermatitis can be long lasting, it is important to learn how to take care of the skin. Treatment and good skin care can alleviate much of the discomfort.>>

I am not a children anymore but I had so many problems in falling asleep because of my skin! it was unbelievable, I could really not even sleep a little bit during the night and I did not know what to do…

Finally I went to the hospital and figure out what the problem was.

Now I only need to get better with my skin 🙂

So, Still I am sorry for not writing

So the hope is the last dying 🙂




New pc


Finally I got a new stationary computer of my favourite colour, white.

I am so happy of that because this means I can start doing my pixel art work again 🙂 since I moved out I used only a portable pc, a Chromebook, so I could not do so much as I wanted but now finally I can start writing more frequently on my blog and writing in general my novels 🙂

How is going for you? Kiss :p

Hello world, here again with everyday things that happen in a everyday life


Hello word,

Today was really a nice day … partly because it was a day like the others and even if this can seems weird, I love the routine.

I have a lot of routines in my life, let’s say that if there was a routine person in the world that’s would be me. Don’t get m,e wrong, I love adventures and surprises in my life but if we have those every single day I don’t think we could still call them”adventures” or even more “surprises”.

By the way everyday I wake up, I always turn off the alarm and this sometimes is not something good since I have to go somewhere most of the time; Then I go to the bathroom, shower, make up (always the same stuff) then I grab something to eat that usually is a toast with salami on the top or fish (this is a habit my boyfriend helped me in having… I never ate breakfast before I met him) then I go where I have to go…
In the afternoon instead I just come back home, clean what I have to clean, read a little bit, prepare the dinner (this can change because sometimes the one who clean and prepare food is my boyfriend) and then I do homework, watch tv, read a book and finally I go to sleep (of course before I go to the bathroom and lock myself in it for like 1 hour)


what’s your routine instead? ❤

Kisses, Cleare




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Stuck on the ground…?


I have been reading a lot about people who says that They don’t know what to do with their life, that nothing happen, you know the feeling? When you have a lot of dreams and you spend most of the day by daydreaming on the bed, eyes open and music loud… you imagine yourself somewhere else, maybe with someone you love but live far from you… imagine yourself differently from what your parents painted you.

I know the feeling, I have parents that fortunately always supported me but sometime parents think to know what is better for you… for us. Maybe they are right but I wanna fall on my steps, I wanna lose my way but say that is because of me! Is useless to live a life stuck on the ground that others build for you, better to jump and try to fly! You will hurt yourself several times but this doesn’t mean that you are not gonna do it.

To all the people who thinks that they should go, travel, study again, go to work, maybe start a blog, write a book, publish some great novels… just go and do it. Make your dreams come true, don’t wait sitting in your bedroom by daydreaming…

Give it a try,


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What colour are your eyes?


I think that the colour of the eyes is not important, what really matters is how deep is your gaze but still… I cannot help myself but questioning you this! What colour are your eyes?

I can start by putting a photo of mine, my eyes are really weird… I would say blue? I don’t know… I would like to show you but maybe later… xP not now :3

and you? what colour are your eyes?



Have you ever tried to stop for a second…when you are sad… Try to express your feelings with a word? I did, but I think there is no word that can help really!

Today I was questioning this to myself… like when someone close to you die, when you lose a friend, when you move out…there is really a word helping you in expressing your feeling?

:- How do you feel?

:- Sad.

does it really help? Does it help telling to someone else what you passed? your feelings? if there is nothing in this world that can help you…why speaking?






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Japanese movies that will make you think a Iot…

sss (1)Hello world, today I was at University and I really decided to dedicate two hours in learning Norwegian so I went to the library and grabbed two easy books… One was about the history in Europe (something I really know and always enjoy to read)  and one book about anime and Manga. So I started reading a little bit of both and while reading I have been learning of why and how a Manga and a anime started, what’s the meaning behind and etc. So I decided to share with you some of the suggestions given in the book in what to watch and why! The first title I saw between the most famous and significant movies is Barefoot Gen



The story begins in Hiroshima during the final months of Word War I.  I don’t wanna add more, as always this is a movie that will steal tears and will make us think about the past and cruelty of the human but also leave us a hope, really suggested. 



This movie start shortly at the end of the Second World War. As the other one I don’t wanna say more then this, I didn’t see the movie myself so I wanna wait until I will but for now I give you the same the name.


Hope you will enjoy those movies, with Love





output_2SMHleHello world, today it finally was snowing and it was amazing.  I am so glad I could see it and I cannot wait to see also tomorrow morning everything full of snow everywhere. Yes I know it mind sound weird but I never saw snowing like that before XP did you? I hope yes :p I took some pictures like my hair full of snow because I was so excited about it and also I started like opening my arms and always being like “wooooow look at that elskede”  Haha it was so funny


Haha I am so happy this was the best day ever ❤ see you tomorrow




output_2SMHleWinterland, is the land where everything is frozen even the water! For someone like me who comes from a really hot land it can be weird at the start. I need to get used to always wear a pair of gloves and go out, face the winter.

But don’t get me wrong, Italy is also cold sometimes but not as here of course. But to be honest I love this place, it might be cold but people here are so warm and this makes me feel home ❤

Here some pictures from my yesterday trip






The best birthday of my life


Hello world, this is the best birthday of my entire life xP at Midnight my mom and my bf sang to me the Happy Birthday song, making me blush so much >.< hehe, then my boyfriend gave me a big huge pack and told me that this was my birthday gift and he hoped I would love it, I opened it and I was about to cry when I saw this beautiful DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS

This is the awesome game and the flower my mom gave me :3 she is awesome

And then we went to Ikea, picking furniture for our house and after, when I went to his house to celebrate I went to the bathroom so he knocked the door, I opened it and he gave me the best flowers in the entire world 😀


It was really an amazing birthday and my boyfriend made it so special 😀 I am so glad to have him by my side, oh and also we went to shopping too and he gave me an another super gift, Pretty Little Liars the book xP He have been perfect the entire day, I really cannot think of a better way to spend my birthday 😀 we even saw one episode of pretty little liars, and he even bought me a fantastic pillow for our new bed xP How could the day be even better?

And you? when is your birthday or how was it? It would be awesome to share some stories xP

              Have a wonderful day,