Japanese movies that will make you think a Iot…

sss (1)Hello world, today I was at University and I really decided to dedicate two hours in learning Norwegian so I went to the library and grabbed two easy books… One was about the history in Europe (something I really know and always enjoy to read)  and one book about anime and Manga. So I started reading a little bit of both and while reading I have been learning of why and how a Manga and a anime started, what’s the meaning behind and etc. So I decided to share with you some of the suggestions given in the book in what to watch and why! The first title I saw between the most famous and significant movies is Barefoot Gen



The story begins in Hiroshima during the final months of Word War I.  I don’t wanna add more, as always this is a movie that will steal tears and will make us think about the past and cruelty of the human but also leave us a hope, really suggested. 



This movie start shortly at the end of the Second World War. As the other one I don’t wanna say more then this, I didn’t see the movie myself so I wanna wait until I will but for now I give you the same the name.


Hope you will enjoy those movies, with Love





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