Rainy Day


rRainy day today T.T perfect timing!

Contrary to what everyone say by the way, a rainy day is a relaxing day! A rainy day yes don’t let you do everything you would love to do but still, is so cozy when you are inside your house, with your favourite carpet, drinking a hot chocolate or a tasty tea, looking outside and taking long and relaxing breath, reading your favourite book or watching pretty little liars ( I love it, I am at season 6 and waiting my bf to join me in this series 😀 but I know pretty much all the spoilers xP, I cannot help it).

Today while it was raining and since tonight I have to travel, I decided to take a nap, and it was so relaxing sleeping with the sound of the rain on the background!

I also started a new video game, Life is Strange, I suggest it to everybody who loves video games were is up to you how the game will end.

Now I have to go and prepare all my stuff. I will keep writing, because it helps me so much when I am nervous :p



Gif: http://imgur.com/gallery/WNZe8



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