Just bought new pair of glasses

sss (1)
Hello world, Today I bought the new pair of glasses I wanted since always. They don’t belong to any brand because I didn’t want to spend too much on it since I use a lot contact lenses.

But I really like what I bought to be honest!IMG_20160208_024642.jpg

Ps. I seriously fall in love with those glasses.

But talking about today, uhm today it was a pretty normal day beside that is Carnival here, and in my town carnival is really something important.

During Carnival we have fun in chilling outside, wearing so weird costumes and just…you know, have fun 🙂 I promise to myself to post some beautiful pictures of the carnival later!
Then I went to my optic to buy the pair of glasses I ordered three days ago and then, then while I was looking around in a shop I found the most beautiful headphones ever…

Sorry for the low quality, I was in the car and now I unpacked them. And I liked the package :p

Also after a lot I enjoy only the Sony. This is not a sponsored post but I seriously like the quality/price of those beautiful headphones. So, just a suggestion, if you break the headphones even just by looking at them as I do, Sony are the one that will last longer :p

So today have been a pretty nice day, not too busy but not too lazy :p And yours?


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