Hello world, here again with everyday things that happen in a everyday life


Hello word,

Today was really a nice day … partly because it was a day like the others and even if this can seems weird, I love the routine.

I have a lot of routines in my life, let’s say that if there was a routine person in the world that’s would be me. Don’t get m,e wrong, I love adventures and surprises in my life but if we have those every single day I don’t think we could still call them”adventures” or even more “surprises”.

By the way everyday I wake up, I always turn off the alarm and this sometimes is not something good since I have to go somewhere most of the time; Then I go to the bathroom, shower, make up (always the same stuff) then I grab something to eat that usually is a toast with salami on the top or fish (this is a habit my boyfriend helped me in having… I never ate breakfast before I met him) then I go where I have to go…
In the afternoon instead I just come back home, clean what I have to clean, read a little bit, prepare the dinner (this can change because sometimes the one who clean and prepare food is my boyfriend) and then I do homework, watch tv, read a book and finally I go to sleep (of course before I go to the bathroom and lock myself in it for like 1 hour)


what’s your routine instead? ❤

Kisses, Cleare




image via We Heart It #aesthetic #art #blackandwhite #doodles #draw #girl #illustration #softgrunge


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