The best birthday of my life


Hello world, this is the best birthday of my entire life xP at Midnight my mom and my bf sang to me the Happy Birthday song, making me blush so much >.< hehe, then my boyfriend gave me a big huge pack and told me that this was my birthday gift and he hoped I would love it, I opened it and I was about to cry when I saw this beautiful DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS

This is the awesome game and the flower my mom gave me :3 she is awesome

And then we went to Ikea, picking furniture for our house and after, when I went to his house to celebrate I went to the bathroom so he knocked the door, I opened it and he gave me the best flowers in the entire world 😀


It was really an amazing birthday and my boyfriend made it so special 😀 I am so glad to have him by my side, oh and also we went to shopping too and he gave me an another super gift, Pretty Little Liars the book xP He have been perfect the entire day, I really cannot think of a better way to spend my birthday 😀 we even saw one episode of pretty little liars, and he even bought me a fantastic pillow for our new bed xP How could the day be even better?

And you? when is your birthday or how was it? It would be awesome to share some stories xP

              Have a wonderful day,



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