Presentation of this blog

mandare(I were just done writing this post, I was so happy about it and then… I clicked the wrong button, I made a mistake, and it auto saved the wrong post, so now I will have to start again) ᵋ₍⚬ɷ⚬₎ᵌ

It’s 3 am, I maybe need a cup of tea since I have been writing so much and then see that it was all for nothing… My eyes are about to close but I need to write this post today because I usually hate the presentations but today it came all natural 😦

So, in this blog I am gonna share everything I like, from pixel art (that I love) to music, books, trips, everyday life… I love reading and writing but as maybe nobody knows yet I am not english, so I am sorry but you will find a lot of mistakes that I promise I will try to avoid by myself.

So I am sorry this post is too short but at least nobody will fall asleep as I am doing right now :p

Have a beautiful day 🙂

  (´〜`*) zzz

“Everybody, try laughing. Then whatever scares you will go away! ” 

This is not my creation but you can find it on GIPHY site. I will upload soon few of my creations as well 🙂 My creations as far are the little girls at the start of the post, I do not own all the pixel arts I show even if this Page is called Cleare’s Pixel art world



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