Stuck on the ground…?


I have been reading a lot about people who says that They don’t know what to do with their life, that nothing happen, you know the feeling? When you have a lot of dreams and you spend most of the day by daydreaming on the bed, eyes open and music loud… you imagine yourself somewhere else, maybe with someone you love but live far from you… imagine yourself differently from what your parents painted you.

I know the feeling, I have parents that fortunately always supported me but sometime parents think to know what is better for you… for us. Maybe they are right but I wanna fall on my steps, I wanna lose my way but say that is because of me! Is useless to live a life stuck on the ground that others build for you, better to jump and try to fly! You will hurt yourself several times but this doesn’t mean that you are not gonna do it.

To all the people who thinks that they should go, travel, study again, go to work, maybe start a blog, write a book, publish some great novels… just go and do it. Make your dreams come true, don’t wait sitting in your bedroom by daydreaming…

Give it a try,


Image via We Heart It #drawing #drawings #flower #girl:



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