What really makes your day?


Everyone in the world has a bad day, who more often who less but still… a bad day is basically a bad day.

For me a bad day is when I wake up and from the first minutes of the day everything seems falling apart.

But is in that moment (when you realize what kind of day is going to be yours…) that you can make the difference! This is why I suggest to everyone to write down what really MAKES YOUR DAY, what makes you happy no matter what! sometimes is better to just calm down and start thinking about yourself, the world can wait.

So here there is the list of things that personally makes me happy

1. Good morning/Good night message

Might seems silly, but for me is the sweetest way to let someone know how much you care about them! This makes my day when I open my eyes, look like few useless words but they are very powerful 🙂

2. Having a beautiful moment/day with my boyfriend

Even going out for few minutes with your boyfriend can makes your day 😀 With my boyfriend is always funny to go around and I never lose my smile :p

3. Music

Bad day or not, music is essential in my life. I am that kind of girl who daydreams when listen to music, I can be on a bus or everywhere else but this doesn’t matter, I think is nice to just forget about the problems especially with a good music on the background 😉

4. Preparing some healthy food

It really calm me down and makes me happy, knowing I am doing the right thing for my body charge my energies :p

5. Working out

While I work out I start thinking, so when I am done even the most impossible of the problems seems really easily to fix

6. Taking care of myself

And with this I mean applying creams, feeling beautiful… take care of your skin and yourself.


Hope you liked this post

Be always happy, Cleare.


Pixel art  by Yuuta Toyoi, he is a great pixel art artist check him out:

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